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Super Mega Photo Essay Part 1

September 10, 2010

It’s the moment you have all been waiting for…pictures from my trip! I’m going to divide it in to two parts. Part 1 features images from the Living Compassion property in Kantolomba. You can learn all about Living Compassion by clicking here. There are many more pictures of the property and the project if you follow that link.

Let’s start with the children! At the end of the day, it really comes down to making sure all these beautiful babies and young people have an opportunity to reach their potential. It starts with basics like food, water and clothing…and develops with education and self esteem building activities. Living Compassion feeds hundreds of children every day…for some it’s the only meal they will eat all day. The kids in the neighbourhood act a little shy at first, but soon they are chasing you down the street!

Kanyenda 013

Kanyenda 016

Kanyenda 021

ZambiaAugust2010 044

ZambiaAugust2010 043

In Zambia, it is customary for boys (and grown men) to hold hands while they walk as a sign of friendship.

Kanyenda 011

ZambiaAugust2010 038

The women are the backbone of this organization. There is always much to be done…especially when I show up demanding they make me blankets!

AugustZambia 038

Kanyenda 026

ZambiaAugust2010 034

ZambiaAugust2010 025

Kanyenda 237

Kanyenda 017

The teenage girls learning how to crochet in Girls Group. The group also serves as a safe place for the girls to discuss girl issues.

Kanyenda 240

I can’t forget the hardworking men…these guys were digging a pit latrine all day. It was time for a drink and a snack!

ZambiaAugust2010 047

Just for fun…this adorable family was wallowing around outside the property.

Kanyenda 234

That’s just a start…part 2 coming soon!


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  1. blackwatertown permalink

    Great happy photographs.

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