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Busy Day at the Farmer’s Market…

It was a last minute decision to set up a booth at the Skeena Valley Farmer’s Market today in Terrace, BC. Since the vendor fee was only $9 I thought it would be worth a try. The weather was horrible and my booth was no-frills…but I ended up having a very successful day. It’s because the blankets are just so special and there is a great story to tell!

I will definitely be there again next weekend…at this rate I will be all out of inventory by the end of the month so if you have your eye one a specific style you might want to place your Etsy order…no pressure.


Super Mega Photo Post Part 2

I’ve finally found the focus to post the next batch of pictures from my trip. Here it goes:

Castle Lodge, the fabulous guest house in Ndola. Run by great people…amazing people actually!


An empty stall, used by women to sell fruit or household items. It was after business hours.

ZambiaAugust2010 017

Big Bamboo.

ZambiaAugust2010 015

Shark House! I really would have liked to check out the interior of this architectural gem! Most homes in the area have huge cement walls surrounding them…not fun for an architecture lover.

ZambiaAugust2010 013

Beware of dog!

ZambiaAugust2010 011

Beware of yoga dog (aka Ghandi dog).

ZambiaAugust2010 012

Feed me Seymour!

ZambiaAugust2010 009

My cousin Farai, carrying a huge bundle of duvet filler.

Lusaka 024

Zambia, where Datsuns go to die.

Lusaka 023

Body Kit?

Lusaka 022

Find the gecko part 1:

Lusaka 021


Lusaka 015

This is also yuck. (some shot involving lemon, sugar and coffee grounds)

Lusaka 014

Friends in Lusaka, that yucky shot was their idea.

Lusaka 013

More friends in Lusaka…Americans.

Lusaka 012

The biggest purse ever.

Lusaka 011

Veggie stand, baby not for sale.

Lusaka 009

Just in case! Believe it or not, this was not the funniest butcher shop name I spotted. The winner was “Sanity Butchers”.

Lusaka 008

The market comes right to you while you wait in the bus:

Lusaka 006

Where are the trademark police? Not in Zambia, obviously.

Lusaka 001

I love Castle Lodge, especially since they have this amazing bathroom that looks like something from ‘The Shining’.

Kanyenda 291

My cousin Bertha’s son on the right. He hopes to be a Forester one day…just like my dad!

Kanyenda 290

Another cousin’s son on the left and his friend.

Kanyenda 274

The woman holding the baby is my dad’s cousin.

Kanyenda 271

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Kanyenda 269

Nectar of life.

Kanyenda 267

Cousin Bertha’s son Clarence, studying to be an auto mechanic.

Kanyenda 253

My wallet was like the UN after travelling though so many airports.

Kanyenda 246

Bertha’s son Stephan showing me his cracked laptop…cousin Christopher looks on. I ended up leaving Stephan the laptop I used for my trip. It was an oldie, donated by a grade school friend.

Kanyenda 227

Cousin Harry and his little dumpling of a boy:

Kanyenda 218

These kids started a marching band, it was awesome:

Kanyenda 210

My cousin’s neighbours, eating some porridge for breakfast.

Kanyenda 205

My bath for a week. It was fine, except for the day the rat ran through the bathing shelter…that was not cute.

Kanyenda 198

The Jacaranda in the bathing shelter was pretty.

Kanyenda 197

Kanyenda 196

Find the gecko part 2. This was my bathing companion.

Kanyenda 195

The sign at the entrance of my family village. This is also the site of the terrible accident that killed my cousin Henry last year. He was knocked off a tractor and suffered a fatal head injury. May he rest in peace.

Kanyenda 193

Village ducks:

Kanyenda 189

I love this picture! This is my cousin Gertrude on the left and her best friend.

Kanyenda 188

This little lovebug is the daughter of one of my cousin’s daughters…so I’m her grand-something. What you can’t see is that she has burns on about 20% of her body, she fell in a fire recently. I have pictures of the injuries, but I though better of posting them. It’s truly horrific. The poor baby must have been in terrible pain.

Kanyenda 179

The tractor that was involved in the aforementioned accident. These children are all belong to a variety of cousins. I call them nieces and nephews to simplify….but in our culture they consider me a mother.

Kanyenda 160

My nephew Chanda, the dog whisperer. He is Henry’s son. I have to say it was really uncomfortable to see him playing with the tractor, but I was also glad to see him smiling.

Kanyenda 152

Kanyenda 150

Kanyenda 144

Specky, an old village dog.

Kanyenda 066

Zeeba (I think that’s his name)

Kanyenda 061

My Aunt’s new home…looking good. It’s a big improvement. It would be amazing to get some solar panels, they do not have access to electricity.

Kanyenda 060

Kitchen in the new home:

Kanyenda 059

That is it for now…I have more to upload. I’ve hit my bandwith limit on flickr! Oh well, it will leave something for later.

Thanks to ZamBC

A short feature about my blanket project is posted on the ZamBC website; a website dedicated to Zambians in British Columbia. Check it out!

First orders are en route…

Today I shipped off my first 2 blankets! They were purchased at my Etsy shop. This calls for a minor happy dance! I have 2 more to ship this week, but I’ve been working on the finishing touches before I send them off. What finishing touches you ask? Before I send each blanket I have to make sure that they don’t have any fatal flaws. I soak them in a mixture of water, vinegar and salt to lock in the colours. Then, I put them through the washer and dryer to make sure they don’t have freaky shrinkage issues. Usually, you would do all your pre-shrinking before you sew the items…but washer/dryers are not currently available at the sewing co-op. I’m putting that on the wish list. After they are washed and dried, I iron them and give them the once over. Finally, I fold them up and tie them with some twine. I also add a business card and a thank-you note. When the project is launched full force, I will have very detailed hang-tags with information about the co-op. For now, people will be directed to this blog.

My next task is a press release for the local media. I’ve been struggling with some extended jet lag…so tackling these things is taking longer than I planned. If anyone has jet lag cures, let me know. I can’t seem to sleep before 4 am!

Super Mega Photo Essay Part 1

It’s the moment you have all been waiting for…pictures from my trip! I’m going to divide it in to two parts. Part 1 features images from the Living Compassion property in Kantolomba. You can learn all about Living Compassion by clicking here. There are many more pictures of the property and the project if you follow that link.

Let’s start with the children! At the end of the day, it really comes down to making sure all these beautiful babies and young people have an opportunity to reach their potential. It starts with basics like food, water and clothing…and develops with education and self esteem building activities. Living Compassion feeds hundreds of children every day…for some it’s the only meal they will eat all day. The kids in the neighbourhood act a little shy at first, but soon they are chasing you down the street!

Kanyenda 013

Kanyenda 016

Kanyenda 021

ZambiaAugust2010 044

ZambiaAugust2010 043

In Zambia, it is customary for boys (and grown men) to hold hands while they walk as a sign of friendship.

Kanyenda 011

ZambiaAugust2010 038

The women are the backbone of this organization. There is always much to be done…especially when I show up demanding they make me blankets!

AugustZambia 038

Kanyenda 026

ZambiaAugust2010 034

ZambiaAugust2010 025

Kanyenda 237

Kanyenda 017

The teenage girls learning how to crochet in Girls Group. The group also serves as a safe place for the girls to discuss girl issues.

Kanyenda 240

I can’t forget the hardworking men…these guys were digging a pit latrine all day. It was time for a drink and a snack!

ZambiaAugust2010 047

Just for fun…this adorable family was wallowing around outside the property.

Kanyenda 234

That’s just a start…part 2 coming soon!

Open for business!

Stop by my Etsy shop and peruse the merchandise! If you want to be a hero…purchase a blanket to help support the project! They make great gifts!

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Just a quick note to say I will be offline for another week or so. I am giving this laptop away today and won’t have access to the internet until I get home…unless I feel like paying the ridiculous fees at the Frankfurt Airport.
I’m looking forward to getting home to all my friends and family. See you all soon!